Bethel Atlanta
School of Supernatural Ministry

Tyrone, Georgia


There was this little part of me that felt like 'Lord, could I just grow closer to you by going to this school.' That's what I want... I've grown a lot in my relationship with the Lord since starting school.


I'm always learning something new every time I'm there. I became more secure in who I was created to be... I found my purpose too. There were dreams in my heart that were discovered while being at Bethel's school.


The goal is to pull you out and kind of layout your identity in Christ - who you really are as a new creation. Then lean on both things - studying, academics and experiencing the presence of God that's within you. I'm still on that journey...


What specifically brought me to this school was the supernatural element. I was really looking for a way to learn more about the prophetic, healing, and praying for people. When I found out more about the school, I learned that was a huge element of what they teach and that really pulled me in...


Sometimes you don't know who you are in the body of Christ... Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry is that place where they give you the tools to find that journey... and begin to embrace your identity.

Heart & Vision

Many Christians desire to leave their mark on the world, yet don’t know how to see the power Jesus walked in show up in their own life.

Do you know that there must be more to life with God, but don’t know how to break out of your norm? Are you tired of searching for your God-given destiny on your own? Do you feel called inside or outside the Church but don’t know how to pursue that call? Do you long to see your city, region, or nation changed, but don’t know where to start?

We want to run with people like you

At the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry we will equip you to live a thriving life in Christ that releases the transformational power of God through everything you do and wherever you go.
As a BASSM student you will discover who God is to you, who you are to God, and who you are to the world. You will be trained in the gifts of the spirit, discover your God given destiny, and be equipped to impact the world with the power of His Kingdom.

More About



This pays for the whole year and can be paid
in full or via a payment plan


8 Month Program

Classes run from the beginning of September
to the end of April


Monday and Tuesday nights
From 6:00 – 9:30

Students are asked to attend our Sunday morning
services (exceptions for those who are currently in
leadership at other churches).

What else to expect:

Students will be assigned a revival group pastor who will be a point of connection, support, and leadership throughout the year. Class time consists of teaching, training, discussion, activation, outreach, electives and much more all designed to equip students to develop their identity in Christ, grow in the gifts of the spirit, and discover their God-given sphere of influence.


The School
What is the minimum and maximum age for BASSM?

Our minimum age for BASSM is 18 years old, but exceptions are made periodically. There is no maximum age.

Do you have to finish all 3 years?

No, you will graduate at the end of each school year, so you are able to attend one, two, or three years.

What is the difference between BASSM, iHOP, YWAM, and other schools of ministry?

We cannot answer for the others, but BASSM is designed to be a ministry training center where our students grow in their kingdom identity, learn the values of the kingdom, and walk in the authority and power of the King. It is a transformational experience that will change your life forever!

Do you provide childcare?

We do not provide any childcare.

Do you provide student housing?

We do not provide any student housing.

How large is the workload?

Students are expected to attend weekly classes Monday and Tuesday nights from 6:00PM to 9:30PM and to attend Sunday morning services at Bethel Atlanta 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Homework generally takes students 2-4 hours per week. (A Sunday service exception is available for those who are in leadership at other churches.)

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